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Welcome to Null Chapter

The Null Chapter is a volunteer driven technical community at VIT-AP university which is inspired from the null community, India’s largest open security community. We conduct technical and non-technical workshops, conferences, events, and competitions.

We strive to spread awareness about cyber threats and online safety.

We are an equal opportunity organization that provides a platform to hone your cybersecurity skills.

Join us for a fun, thrilling experience!


  • Web Hunt
  • Software Freedom Day (with OSC)
  • Cyber Security Workshop
  • Network Security hands-on workshop

October 2020

Capture the Flag
Introductory event for the freshers.

November 2020

Bug Bounty Webinar

Mr Shashank, a security analyst at Hackerone was here to give a talk on building a career in ethical hacking and bug bounties. He has amassed quite a fortune through bug bounties during his college years.

Check him out at: https://blog.shashank.co/

December 2020

Human Reconnaissance

A webinar was conducted on human reconnaissance on the 5th of December, 2020.

Dr Sibi Chakkaravarthy (Associate Professor, VIT-AP) was with us to help us better understand this growing threat.

Human Reconnaissance

When human interference is more leaned towards the virtual world, it’s obvious to learn about the dark passengers and dark world out there.

We had another session on human reconnaissance on 19-12-20.